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  2. Explorer Pass Promo Code July 2024
  3. Is The London Pass Worth It? Online TOOL
  4. London Pass Attractions MAP
  5. What is the London Pass
  6. London Pass Review
    1. 32% Discount
    2. London Pass Price
    3. Is it good value?
    4. Is The London Pass worth it?
    5. London Pass Attractions
    6. London Eye in London Pass
    7. Does the London Pass include MADAME TUSSAUDS?
    8. How it works
    9. Where to buy London Pass
    10. London Pass at Costco 32% OFF
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    12. London Explorer Pass OR London Pass?

25% Best London Pass Promo Codes in July 2024 & Review

Last Updated on July 9 2024 by LM Travel

The London Pass 2024: Top Promo Code and Discount

Which is the best London Pass promo code and discount on July 9, 2024? In this review we show you the top London Pass promo codes, coupons and discounts available, plus compare the best London tourist passes.

To help you navigate we have divided our review into three sections:

  1. Best London Pass Promo Codes in July 2024: get your hands on the most valuable London Pass Coupon Codes and discounts right now.
  2. Go City London Explorer Pass Promo Code: discover the top promo codes for the Go City London Explorer Pass.
  3. London Pass Review: quickly learn the key benefits of these passes, attractions included, value for money plus where to buy them.

Best London Pass Discount Codes in July 2024

Right now the deals on coupon websites like Groupon and Retailmenot are not showing any better discounts than what you can find on the London Pass website.

In contrast genuine working promo codes and coupons do grant additional savings. To help you save we have personally verified all the available codes for the London Pass. We have ranked them by how much you can save and made sure they are all valid:

Get the best London Pass promo codes, all hand-checked: and give you only 5% off, a decent 10% discount, up to 20% off but use LDN[****] for the highest discount and handy tips to make the most of your London visit. and to unlock savings of up to 55% on the top London attractions included in the pass.

The London Pass discount code above, provides the biggest savings currently available for 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, and 10-day London Passes.

image of the London Pass Promo Code discount page Once you click on "show full code", you will see the code and then be able to copy and paste it into this cart page of the London Pass website, as shown in this image:

Image of our table of London Pass Promo Codes for different pass durationsFor all other current London Pass discount codes, check our table showing all discount percentages:

London Explorer Pass Promo Code

The best London Explorer Pass Promo Code in July 2024 is .

Where to buy the London Pass?

You can get the London pass with a discount deal directly on your smartphone.

If you are already in London, you can still get these online discounts instead of paying the total price, by getting the pass on your smartphone right now.

Learn more ...

Is The London Pass Worth It? Online TOOL

Is the London Pass worth it for you? Let's do the math in seconds with our comparison tool (Copyright 2024 © Love Marche Ltd, all rights reserved).

Insert the number of people, select the attractions you want to visit, and it will compare normal tickets with the London Pass.

1) Insert the number of adults and children travelling:

2) Choose the attractions to visit, top ones are already selected, so uncheck if needed:

of London
Ad. £28 Ch. £11 Description
Hop On Hop Off
Bus Tour
Ad. £34 Ch. £12 Description
The View
From The Shard
Ad. £32 Ch. £25 Description
River Cruises
Ad. £19 Ch. £11 Description
Tower Bridge
Ad. £10 Ch. £4 Description
Globe Theatre Tour
and Exhibition
Ad. £17 Ch. £10 Description
HMS Belfast
Imperial War Museum
Ad. £16 Ch. £8 Description
St. Paul
Ad. £20 Ch. £8 Description
Ad. £23 Ch. £12 Description
Hampton Court
Ad. £24 Ch. £9 Description
Ad. £27 Ch. £20 Description
Ad. £18 Ch. £5 Description
Ad. £20 Ch. £0 Description
Ad. £23 Ch. £9 Description
War Rooms
Ad. £22 Ch. £9 Description
Bicycle Tours
of London
Ad. £25 Ch. £23 Description

3) Now check the difference in price, based on the attractions chosen:

Total price of selected attractions with separate tickets Total price with London Passes Savings with London Passes
£* 1-day pass: £* -£0
2-day pass: £* -£0
3-day pass: £* -£0
6-day pass: £* -£0
10-day pass: £* -£0

* 4) This table shows full retail prices of the London Pass, so make sure to check the actual online discounted prices, which are up to 20% cheaper.

This tool is under copyright 2024 © Love Marche Ltd, all rights reserved. Features and limitations are described at the bottom of this page.

London Pass Attractions MAP

Map of London Tourist Attractions

You can plan your visit with the free interactive map of London Pass attractions

All the attractions included in the London Pass, as well as restaurants and shops that offer discounts to the owners of the pass, can be visualised in this interactive map based on Google Maps.

London Pass Review

Image of the London pass and guide

The London Pass is the digital credit package tourist pass of London, which allows free entrance to 94 famous tourist attractions while avoiding queues.

With its optional Travelcard, it also allows unlimited journeys by underground, bus and city trains all over London, zones 1 to 6.

It is available for lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 days.

In this review we have a look at the main features of the London sightseeing pass, such as: prices, discounts, when it's worth it, attractions included, interactive map of attractions and where to buy it.

Is the London Pass worth the price?
London Passes cost from £49 (1-day child), up to £239 (10-day adult with travelcard), so the benefit depends on how many and which attractions you will visit, now easy to check with our online tool >

First, here is how much the various passes cost:

32% Discount

In this example, with a 3-day London Pass, you get 32% off London Attractions' prices:

Get The London Pass with the promo code SA**[Show Code] at the shopping cart checkout page of The London Pass website.

London Pass Price

Adults pay £69 for a 1-day London Pass, £94 for a 2-day pass, £114 for 3 days, £154 for 6 and £184 for 10, but with the promo code you get a 32% savings discount on the cost of London Pass attractions.

Children (from age 5 up to age 15) pay £49 for 1 day, £69 for 2 days, £84 for 3 days, £114 for 6 days, £139 for 10 days and the same discount code applies.

London Pass with Travelcard Price:

Now we evaluate when the London Pass is worth these prices and when to include the Travelcard option, so let's start by seeing who the London Pass is intended for.

Is it good value?

Eventually you will still be the final judge on your purchase, however, in general the London Pass is good value for people who like to:

It's generally not good for:

Is The London Pass worth it?

In a nutshell: The 3-day London Pass is worth it if you will visit 5 or more top attractions. The 6-day Pass is worth it if you intend to visit 7 or more of them. The 2-day Pass for 4 or more, the 1-day Pass for 3 or more, and finally the 10-day for 8 or more.

Based on your preferences: The London Pass is NOT worth it for visitors on a budget and no-expense travellers, but it IS worth it for curious and planner travelers, no clue tourist, guidebook lovers, families, groups OR as a present. Let's see why ...

Now, let's talk money and examine the figures. We've set up a comparison between the price of individual tickets and the cost of the London Pass. This allows you to check the difference and make a decision based on your specific needs.

Here we analyse 3 sample cases, based on different typical lengths of stay: 3 or more days, 2 days, or just 1 day. You can check the one scenary that suits your plans:

Sample cases

Here are 3 sample cases, based on different typical lengths of stay: 3 or more days, 2 days, or just 1 day. You can check the one scenary that suits your plans:

3 or more days available for visiting (3-days pass, 6-days pass, or 10-days pass):

The longer passes of 3, 6 and 10 days duration are the most convenient because you have enough time to visit many attractions.

The 3-days London Pass is worth it if you want to visit 5 or more top attractions over 3 days.

In the following table, as an example, we see how by buying a 3-days London pass and visiting 3 top attractions per day, the total saving is £110 per each adult:

Example: 3-day London Pass 53% Discount

Attractions visited Price with standard tickets With a 3-day London Pass
Tower of London £28 Included
Hop on Hop off Bus Tour £34 Included
The View From The Shard £32 Included
Thames River Cruise £19 Included
Windsor Castle £23 Included
Westminster Abbey £23 Included
London Bridge Experience £29 Included
Tower Bridge £10 Included
London Zoo £27 Included
Kensington Palace £20 Included
Total cost with tickets
Total cost with London Pass

Check total discounts by using the promo code SA**[Show Code]>

The 6-days pass is worth it if you want to visit 6 or more top attractions over 6 days

The 10-days pass is worth it if you want to visit 7 or more top attractions over 10 days

2 days available for sightseeing (2-day Pass) £94:

Consider how many attractions you want to see.

The 2-days pass is worth it if you will see 4 or more attractions in total during the 2 days.

It's NOT worth it if you plan to visit only 3 or less attractions in total, unless for your needs it would be particularly beneficial to avoid queues where possible (for example families with young children or elderly visitors).

1 day available for sightseeing (1-day LondonPass) £69:

With 1 day available it's imperative to consider the amount of time that you can save by avoiding the queues to buy tickets. You can visit instead of queueing!

Start by checking how many of the attractions available you intend to visit.

The 1-day pass is worth it if you intend to visit 3 or more top attractions during that day. It is NOT worth it if you plan to visit only 1 or 2 attractions in that day.

The more attractions you visit in that day, the more you save.

London Pass Attractions

London Pass ATTRACTIONS LIST: these are the most popular attractions included in the London Pass (normal price without pass is shown in brackets):

Thames River Cruises

Thames river city cruises

A memorable way to experience the magic of London from this famous river, seeing places such as Westminster, the London Wheel, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It takes about 50 minutes and leaves at regular intervals (normal price £19).

Tower of London

Tower of London

Fortress, royal palace and prison, it keeps the collection of the jewels of the Crown, of the royal arsenals, the white tower built by William the Conqueror, the prisons exhibition and torture rooms. You can walk on part of the walls and see actors in original costumes (normal price £28).

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Breathless views along the pedestrian paths of one of the most famous bridges in the world. The interactive exhibitions and the visit to the engines room with the original steam engines make it a unique experience (normal price £10).

Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition

Globe Theatre

Go back in time while visiting Shakespeare's reconstructed and re-sited open-air Globe theatre. In the exhibition you can see the original actors' costumes, techniques used, special effects, music and a replica printing machine used in the theatre (normal price £17).

DISCONTINUED: London Aquarium

London Aquarium

It is one of the biggest in Europe and situated in a convenient position, on the south bank, opposite Big Ben. Not to be missed is the Pacific Ocean exhibition with sharks (normal price £13.25)

Discontinued: HMS Belfast - Imperial War Museum

HMS Belfast

Visiting this cruiser built in 1939 offers the unique opportunity to experience just how the sailors lived, worked and fought during the Second World War. It is permanently docked near the London Bridge (normal price £16).

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral

It is possible to go up the 530 steps of the big dome to 85m and admire the great panoramic view of London. The crypt contains the graves of Admiral Nelson and of the Duke of Wellington (normal price £18).

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

The majestic fortress built by William the Conqueror, still used by the royal family and the Queen. Don't miss the royal apartments, the dolls' room of Queen Mary and St. George chapel, where many royal weddings were celebrated (normal price £23).

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

A great royal palace situated outside the centre of London, along the Thames river west of London. We recommend the impressive gardens and, inside the palace, the old Tudor kitchens and the royal rooms over a number of periods (normal price without londonpass £24).

London Zoo

London Zoo

Situated inside Regent's Park, it is ideal for a beautiful day outside, full of over 5000 animals with a total of 755 species including penguins, camels, zebras, gorillas, hippopotamus, giraffes, african lions and the atypical Komodo dragons (normal entrance £27)

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Botanic gardens with a wide range of plants, from the greenhouse tropical to the various desert kinds. 2000 protected species of which 15 are unique to Kew and extinct outside these gardens. An exhibition about the evolution of plants covers a period of 3500 million years (normal price £18).

Bicycle Tours of London

Bicycle Tours of London

Organised by the Bicycle Tour Company, they take place on Saturdays and Sundays (normal price £25).

The full list of London Pass Attractions can be seen on the London Tourist Pass Website while detailed information about each attraction can be found in the website LondonTown/lpass.

For the purchase, however, you can buy online directly from the London Pass website at the following link:

Purchase of the London Pass >

London Eye in London Pass

The London Eye is indeed included in the London Pass and is included also in the London EXPLORER Pass, which covers 20 London attractions. You can see the full list of London Explorer Pass attractions here.

Does The London Pass include MADAME TUSSAUDS?

Also MADAME TUSSAUDS is included in the London Pass and is also included in the London EXPLORER Pass, which holds 20 London attractions. Check the list of all London Explorer Pass attractions.

Maximizing Value: How the London Pass Works & Benefits

Think of the London Pass as a buffet for city explorers. After a single purchase, you gain access to a smorgasbord of attractions without paying additional entrance fees. The premise is simple: the more you explore, the greater your savings.

Image of the London Pass in use
Image of the London Pass in use

Your London Sightseeing Pass also serves as a fast-track ticket. Upon arrival at each attraction, you'll sidestep the long queues typically seen at ticket booths. Just present your pass to the attendant, who will quickly validate it, thereby granting you prompt entry.

To supplement your experience, each London Pass comes with a comprehensive guidebook. This useful resource not only aids in planning your itinerary but also introduces an array of discounts at various local shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues across London.

Ready to embark on your London adventure? Acquire your London Pass >

Who makes it

The pass is produced by Leisure Pass Group Ltd (member of Visit London, the official London tourism organisation and of the European association of Tour Operators).

Where to buy London Pass

The easiest way is to buy the London Pass online and to get your London Pass directly on your smartphone (a mobile ticket), because delivery is immediate and there are neither shipping fees nor need to collect the pass at the London desk.

Alternatively you can still buy the London Pass online but have it shipped to you or to collect it at the London desk.

London Pass at Costco 40% OFF

The London Pass at Costco USA 40% OFF (or Canada 40% OFF) consists in an eVoucher for a 4-day London Pass, priced at $174, but it is cheaper to use the promo code SA**[Show Code], so that a 3-day pass costs $138 (£103) and a 6-day pass is $177 (£131).

You can get the London Pass with the promo code SA**[Show Code] at the checkout page of The London Pass website.

London Pass Sale

How discounts with promo code are estimated:

London Pass PRICE DISCOUNT of 32%: in July 2024, the price of London Pass attractions can be discounted by 32% simply by buying online the pass at a discount, with the following promo code:

Today's Codes

54 Promo Codes analyzed today by LM Tourism. Best Promo Code: 32% off code on London attractions, valid in July 2024, with the voucher code SA**[Show Code], which you have to type in on the checkout page.

Best Promo Code SA**[Show Code]
Promo Codes 54
Top discount 32% OFF
Best Saving $222

Table of all top active London Pass Voucher Codes

Best London Pass deals: here you can see the top The London Pass discounts for every major active London Pass Voucher Code, for all different pass durations, including 1, 2 and 10 days, valid in July 2024:

Promo Code 1-day 2-days 3-days 6-days 10-days
5TRAVELLDN 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
ENJOY 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
SAVELP Expired Exp. Exp. Exp. Exp.
lovemlp10 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%

London Explorer Pass OR London Pass?

In short: The London Explorer Pass, compared to the London Pass, includes fewer attractions (20 vs 80), it does NOT include the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace and the London Zoo, and includes the London Eye and Madame Tussauds.

Check the list of London Explorer Pass attractions here.

Explorer Pass

The London Explorer Pass is the tourist card of London with a price based on the number of attractions that you want to visit (either 3, 5 or 7) out of a list of 20.

Explorer Pass Promo Code

In July 2024, the Explorer Pass discount "GOCIT***[show code]" gives a decent saving, but the highest value for the Explorer Pass is 32% OFF the city's tourist attractions.

For the Explorer Pass use JUN10 to get a 10% discount, or GOCITYWALKS5 and AFFGOALL for a 5% discount.

Best Promo Codes

In July 2024 the discount London Pass promo codes 3LD[....] and GOP[...] give you a decent discount, but the best code is LDN**[show complete code], with a 32% savings on London attractions, which gives the top discount available today.

For the biggest savings in July 2024, use this exclusive code:

Click on the code to view the full code, to copy it and to go to the London Pass offer page. Then paste it directly on the order page >

This code does not work on the London order page, see below for the best code that works there.

Please note, previous discount codes such as SPRING23LDN, SAVELP, FB15, JAN19, EXTRA6, NOV18, EXTRALP, CITYWALKS20, and GBOOK 15, are no longer active.

Additionally, there are currently no valid London Pass offers on Groupon, and any displayed in July 2024 are not functional.

There are also several other active London Pass coupon codes, albeit with equal or smaller discounts:

To apply these codes, copy the desired London Pass code to your clipboard, click one of the links above to navigate to the London Pass website's cart page, and then paste the code to receive your discount, as illustrated here:

Screenshot of the London Pass Chart
Where to paste the promo code in the London Pass cart

On their website this is the promo code with the highest discount you can use: . Click on the code to copy it and to paste it on the secure checkout page, operated by Go City, the maker of the pass.

The provided codes offer the largest discounts currently available. You can save as much as 32% on London tourist attractions with the London Pass and these promo codes.

Even if you choose not to sign up for the London Pass newsletter, these London Pass coupons will still be valid.

This page in other languages

More information about the London Pass Travelcard and translation of this page in other languages:

Information about the pass is available in other languages in the following pages: London Pass (Italian), London Pass (Spanish), London Pass (French), London Pass (German) and London Pass Transport (German) and London Pass (in Portuguese).

London Pass Money Back Guarantee

You can get a refund for unused passes up to 90 days after purchase. If it is more than 90 days after purchase, there is no longer a refund, but there are two years to use the passes. For more information, please see the London Pass Terms and Conditions.

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*Tool disclaimer: although we put maximum effort in showing actual prices, they are given for information only and must be checked with each tourist attraction if you intend to rely on them. This tool is intended to help visitors to make their own customised comparison. For simplicity of use and making, it does not consider the online discounts available for the London Pass, which are shown above, and possible mailing costs. Special offers, age limitations or restrictions for specific attractions are also not considered. Prices are rounded to the pound. Only the main 16 attractions (over more than 70) are currently included.

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