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At Love Marche our goal is to provide precious tourist information and guarantee joyous tourist and property buying experiences. Whether you visit Italy or abroad, purchase a farmhouse, villa or country home in Le Marche it should be an enthralling and enjoyable process, and we will work hard to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Our experience

At Love Marche we know Italy, the region of Le Marche and its properties only the way locals do! We work with professionals, who on average each have more than 20 years' experience in property from design through to sale, restoration and renovation of country homes, villas, farmhouses and historical apartments.

With our first hand expertise, caring staff and professional approach you will have the leisure time you desire to enjoy all the richness Le Marche has to offer.

Director's signature

Dott. Ing. Valentino Cingolani
Company Director
Member of the National Association of Engineers
"Ordine Ingegneri" in Italy

Love Marche Tourism

In Italy and Marche
You can find tourist information about the region in our page Le Marche Italy.

In the world

The New York Pass

Love Marche also advertises tourism in world capitals like London and New York with tourist passes like the London Pass with the London Pass Travelcard and the New York Pass with the New York Pass Travelcard.

Buying property in Italy

Many people seem to get carried away by the dream of buying a home in Italy, and commit to a purchase on impulse, without actually taking even basic precautions. On the other hand, buying a home in Italy may seem dissuadingly complex at first, but in reality the process is no more difficult than buying a house anywhere else, provided you do your homework thoroughly and seek proper, professional advice from the start.

Love Marche Research

We have just launched our health research section, with an article about the best green teas according to studies.

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