Review of Rosetta Stone 2022
Does it really work?

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the most widely used software for language learning in the world with five millions of users in about 150 countries.

It is used by individuals, firms, corporations and government agencies like NASA and the US State Department. It is developed by the American company Rosetta Stone Inc. Its success is due to the highly innovative method and to its efficacy.

You can either try the online demo for free or buy the software online.

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Rosetta Stone 40% discount: it seems that at least until the 16th of July 2022 the 25% discount on beginner courses in Online Subscription form is going to continue.

With this discount, the price of beginner courses in online subscription is £ 180 instead of £ 240.

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Does it really work?

Does Rosetta Stone really work? According to the several reviews and opinions of buyers that we have analyzed, like those on Yahoo Answers, Rosetta Stone works well for certain users, for example visual learners, depending on the way they prefer to learn their new language. For this reason it's important to try the demo at first.

For other people the software is not useful, like Benny Lewis shows in his blog review Fluent in 3 Months.

Rosetta Stone is considered a good way to start learning a new language for some people, but must be followed by additional methods like attending classes and speaking with other students and natives.

The Learning Method

The main feature of this software is its Dynamic Immersion method, which involves the user and make foreign terms stick in the memory.

Online Demo

Snapshot of the online demo of Rosetta Stone
View of the nline demo

You can try the free demo in the website of the editor to see how the system works.

Available Languages

Many of the courses are updated to the third edition and the available languages are: U.S. English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Greek , Jew, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Swedish, Filipino, Thai, turkish, Vietnamese and Welsh.

Learning Method

How Rosetta Stone works
Associating concepts for learning

The most innovative point of the courses is the method, known as Dynamic Immersion (registered trademark). It is based on images, intuition, interactivity association and it is quite different from other softwares. During the lessons, images appear on the screen in groups, together with audio pronunciations by a native speaker and scripts. The software generates combined exercises with a missing element that can vary from script to sound and can assess if they are carried out correctly.

Italian language course

Here you can find more detailed information about learning Italian with Rosetta Stone Italian.

Online Monthly Subscription

In addition to CDs or DVDs, online courses are also available on a monthly basis direcly on the website of the publisher. The exercises are the same.


The manufacturer, at time of writing, offers a 6 months guarantee of 100% of theCD/DVD course cost (excluding shipping).

How to buy it

You can buy the courses of RosettaStone directly on the website of the publisher at the following link:

Buy Rosetta Stone >

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