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New York Pass & City Pass 2023
Top Promo Codes in September, Review & Prices

Updated on September 26, 2023, by LM Travel

New York Pass | Time Square

In our latest review as of September 26, get the highest additional discounts for the New York Pass and CityPASS with today's top promo codes, all hand-verified for accuracy. These codes offer extra savings on top of the existing 25% off, which expires today. Benefit from our money-saving tips, pricing details, and info on over 100 attractions. Use our comparison tool for the best choice between passes, individual tickets, or both. Let's start saving!

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Best New York Pass Promo Codes on September 26 2023

This September, we've thoroughly hand-tested a comprehensive range of promo codes for the New York Pass from numerous websites and relevant sources, identifying the best available deals and saving you the effort of searching and testing them yourself:

Tested Promo Codes

We found that the "25pc" code for 25% off, "FB20OFF" for 20% off, and "jul15v1" for 15% off from CouponFollow Preview of the destination URL did not work. Additionally, the "25%" and "20%" offers shown on Daily Mail are not working.

However, CouponFollow does display the working codes VACATION, which offers a 7% discount, ERICNYP10, which provides a 10% discount, and 5NEWYORK, which grants a 5% discount.

Also, RetailMeNot does display the working code INCREDIBLE, which gives a 10% discount too. However :

Best Exclusive Promo Code

Use our EXCLUSIVE New York Pass discount code l*** [show complete code], designed specifically for our readers.

This coupon code grants you the maximum available discount on 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 7-day, and 10-day New York Passes currently on offer.

image of the New York Pass Promo Code discount page Once you click on "show complete code", you will see the code and then be able to copy and paste it into this cart page of the New York Pass website, as shown in this image:

New york City Pass Discount Codes

For the New York CityPASS, there is a 40% discount promo on CityPass attractions with the New York City PASS sale.

Please be aware that promo codes and discounts can change or expire.

A Tip for Maximizing Your Savings on

Keep an eye on the homepage of the New York Pass to discover additional temporary discounts and offers, which combine with promo codes for the best deals.

New York (City) Pass Comparison Tool

Is the New York Pass worth it? Get a tailored answer, compare the price of normal tickets with the New York Pass, thanks to our online tool (Copyright 2019-23 © Love Marche Ltd, all rights reserved).

1) Insert how many adults and children:

2) Select the attractions you want to see, the most popular ones are already selected, so click on them to uncheck if you need (for descriptions click on the info icon ⓘ):

Empire State
Ad. $39 Ch. $33 Description
Top of the Rock
Observation Deck
Ad. $39 Ch. $33 Description
Statue of Liberty
and Immigration Museum
Ad. $37 Ch. $33 Description
9/11 Memorial
& Museum
Ad. $26 Ch. $17 Description
American Museum
of Natural History
Ad. $23 Ch. $13 Description
Multi-Day Hop-On
Hop-Off Bus Tours
Ad. $60 Ch. $50 Description
Rockefeller Center
Ad. $27 Ch. $27 Description
The Metropolitan
Museum of Art MET
Ad. $25 Ch. $0 Description
Museum of
Modern Art (MoMA)
Ad. $25 Ch. $0 Description
Circle Line
Sightseeing Cruises
Ad. $43 Ch. $35 Description
Central Park Sightseeing
Bike Tours & Rentals
Ad. $45 Ch. $45 Description
Ad. $25 Ch. $0 Description
Intrepid Sea,
Air & Space Museum
Ad. $33 Ch. $24 Description
Madame Tussauds
Wax Museum New York
Ad. $37 Ch. $33 Description
NFL Experience
Times Square
Ad. $44 Ch. $34 Description
Food on Foot
Ad. $49 Ch. $49 Description

3) Now, based on your selection, in this table check the difference in price between buying attraction tickets or one of the New York Passes (you can change the attractions selected in step 2 as you wish):

Total price of selected attractions with separate tickets* New York Pass New York CityPASS
Total price with New York Pass* Savings with New York Pass* Total price with New York CityPASS* Savings with New York CityPASS*
$ 1 day New York Pass $ -$0 9 days New York CityPASS $ -$0
2 days New York Pass $ -$0
3 days New York Pass $ -$0
5 days New York Pass $ -$0
7 days New York Pass $ -$0
10 days New York Pass $ -$0

Prices with the best discount codes >

* This tool is under copyright 2019-23 © Love Marche Ltd, all rights reserved. Features and limitations of this tool are described at the bottom of the page.

New York Pass with guide

The New York Pass is a tourist pass which allows you to visit more than 80 attractions in New York, saving money and jumping queues at the entrance of many of the busiest attractions. As an option it can let you travel on open double-decker city tour buses and it's available for 1, 2, 3, 7 or 10 days.

The New York CityPASS is also a tourist pass, valid just for 6 attractions, without transport and it lasts for 9 days.

When visiting New York it is usually worth to buy one, but not for everybody.

It depends on what you want to do, on your available time, budget and mood. This article can help you decide.

New York Pass New York CityPASS
New York Pass New York CityPASS
The New York Pass is the most comprehensive tourist pass for New York, it includes more than 80 attractions, saving money and jumping queues at the entrance of many of the busiest attractions. As an option it can let you travel on open double-decker city tour buses. The New York CityPASS is also a tourist pass for New York, but is intended for visitors who want to enter fewer attractions (6 attractions can be visited with this pass). It saves money and queuing time in those attractions, but transport is not included.
it's available for 1, 2, 3, 7 or 10 days at different prices
it is valid for 9 days
prices range widely, from $60 for a 1 day child pass to $408 for a 10 days pass with Hop-on Hop-off bus included, but discounts are usually available if bought online, see below
the price is fixed at $114
it has a bit more than 80 tourist attractions, see below, and all the attractions of the CityPASS are included
it has 6 attractions, of which 4 are fixed and other 2 can be choosen between 4 alternatives
it allows free access to hop on hop off double decker tour buses
not included
When it's worth it:
good if you visit several attractions or at least 2 attractions each day, otherwise consider the CityPASS or no pass at all in case of fewer visits
When it's worth it:
it's worth it if you visit fewer attractions, anyway at least 4 of the included ones, otherwise you are better off without this pass

New York (City) Pass Attractions

These are what we consider to be the best attractions included with the New York Pass, however below you can find a link to the list of all attractions available.

New York Pass | Circle Line River Cruise

Circle Line River Cruise
This is one of the best ways to start your visit in New York, seeing the city from top to bottom, with the guides to make your trip even more enjoyable, and a suggestive night tour. Normal adult price without pass $34.

New York Pass | Empire State Building Observation Deck

Empire State Building Observation Deck
A New York Must See for its amazing sights from the top of the building. You can see the whole city and the views are striking. Usually fewer people if you go early, it can be windy on top (normal price $22).

New York Pass | Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Incredible opportunity for both adults and kids to visit the interior of this wonderful warship converted to museum, with many aircrafts exposed and the possibility to go inside a real submarine! Normal price $24.

New York Pass | Statue of Liberty Ferry

Statue of Liberty Ferry
This ferry includes a round trip to the island of the Statue of Liberty, which is impressive to see from real life! The ticket for visiting the statue from the inside is not included in this one. Normal price of ferry without New York Pass, $12.

New York Pass | Food on Foot Tours

Food on Foot Tours
Explore New York neighborhoods of your choice and their various cuisines, guided by experts. Discover new foods and learn where it's best to eat, places you would not find otherwise, travelling and eating as New Yorkers do. Normal price $49.

New York Pass | Rockefeller Center Observation Deck Top of the Rock

Top of The Rock Observation Deck
Enjoy the amazing views from the Observation Deck of the Rockefeller Center, including the Empire State Building and Central Park. (Normal price $25)

Madison Square Garden Tour
New York Pass | Madison Square Garden Tour
This is a guided tour of the Madison Square Garden stadium, which has hosted among the most important sport events in history (normal price $24).
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
New York Pass | Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Close to Times Square, take pictures with real wax replicas of personalities and celebrities like Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and superheroes such as Thor and Captain America (regular price $ 35.50).
New York Pass | New York Skyride Simulation
New York Skyride
(Normal price $41)
New York Pass | Museum of Modern Art - MOMA
Museum of Modern Art - MOMA
(Normal price $20)
New York Pass | Heroes of the World Trade Center Tour
Heroes of the World Trade Center Tour
(Normal price $25)
New York Pass | Central Park Bicycle Tour
Bicycle Tour in Central Park
(Normal price $49)

List of all Attractions | Buy the NY Pass >

New York Pass Review

Even if it’s cheaper than separate tickets, the New York Pass still costs quite a bit on its own. So if you are on a tight budget, you will probably prefer to either buy the cheaper CityPASS with its 7 attractions, or no pass at all.

You can do many free or cheap things in New York, so you might feel better off with a visit to one or maximum two sights each day, followed by shopping, walking and relaxing in the neighbourhoods.

Hence, if you are longing for a relaxed sightseeing vacation and are happy with visiting fewer main attractions, you will probably be better off without the New York Pass.

New York Pass Price

Attractions visited without discount code With 1-day New York Pass
Empire State Building $39 Included
Top of the Rock $34 Included
Museum of Modern Art MOMA $25 Included
Cruise $41 Included
Hop on hop off Bus Tours $60 Included
Total cost with tickets
Total cost with pass

In this example, buying tickets on-site, the total would be $199 but with the 1-day New York Pass price at $124 the saving is $75 per person and various long ticket queues are avoided.

In this case a couple saves $150 by choosing the New York Pass with the New York Pass coupon.

New York CityPASS Price

Attractions visited Buying tickets on-site With New York City Pass
Sightseeing Cruise $37 Included
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum $33 Included
Empire State Building $39 Included
Top of the Rock $39 Included
The Metropolitan Museum of Art $25 Included
Total cost with tickets
Total cost with city pass

In this example, with the CityPASS, the ticket total would be $189, but with the pass at $89, you save $100 per person and some ticket queues. A couple saves $200 with the New York City Pass discount.

Smartphone app

New York Pass Smartphone iPhone Android App

The freely downloadable New York Pass app for iPhone and Android can be useful to all visitors to the Big Apple. It’s easy to use and complete, with information about the most popular attractions to visit, opening hours, an interactive map and transport.

Map of attractions

On this map you can visualize New York attractions, theatres, special exhibitions, audio tours, shops and restaurants which offer discounts with the pass:

New York Pass | Map of attractions
Map of attractions, try it on the New York Pass website >

Buy the Pass >

Tourist Guide

The New York Pass includes a 140 pages guide and the option of transport on open double-decker city tour buses.


You can choose to add the transport option to travel without limits on open double-decker city tour buses fitted with multi language audioguides.

How the Pass works

You use it like in a buffet. After buying it, you get free entry in all the attractions included. You can visit as many attractions as you want.

When you arrive at the attractions you only need to show your pass. After swiping your pass through a special reader you are ready to enjoy the attraction.

Jump queues

In several busy attractions you can save a lot of time by jumping the queue.

How much does the New York Pass save?

According to the producer, savings for 3 top attractions per day are on average:

1-day pass - $18
2-day pass - $45
3-day pass - $73
7-day pass - $196

Hence generally, it is a good choice if you are willing to visit more than just 1 or 2 attractions during your stay.

Longer multi-day passes (3 and 7 days) let you save more because their daily cost is lesser than shorter passes.

In addition, with the New York Pass deals, you can find on this page, you save even more money on your New York Pass. For example, a 7-day pass is currently $412, but with these deals, you can get it for as low as $371. That's a savings of $41!

Customer Service

The New York Pass is provided by Go City (formerly Leisure Pass Group), the world's leading tourist pass company.

Contact the New York Pass customer service via email through the contact form or call toll-free numbers from the US, UK, Australia, and Mexico. To call from other countries, you have a fixed US phone line, and in Summer, for text communications, a 24 hours Whatsapp.

New York CITYPass Promo Code

Where can you find a valid New York City Pass discount code?

Unfortunately, CityPASS does not accept any promo code for its purchase. In September 2023, there is no valid CityPass coupon or City Pass New York discount code. The CityPass checkout page does not even provide the opportunity to enter any CityPass coupon or New York CityPass discount code.

Any New York City Pass promo code 2023 that you can try to search online is not working. For example from givingassistant, BF20, c2007, STAGE14, del, mail2037, 20NYC, rett15, FIRSTVISIT10, SPRINGNY, 25pc, FB20OFF, jul15v1 and 8pc0108. Some of them used to work for the New York Pass but do not work for the New York CityPASS

Even Groupon does not provide discounts; if you search for New York City Pass Groupon, you will see it.

However, the same attractions included in the New York City Pass are available in the Go City New York Explorer Pass. This pass allows you to choose the best tourist attractions in New York that you want to include and accepts discount codes that can significantly reduce the purchase price.

Top Promo Codes

These are the best New York Pass promo codes on September 26, all hand-verified: use 5NEWYORK (5% off), ERICNYP10 (10% off), and Lov[*****] for the highest discount given by our top code.

Copy promo code lovemnyp10 and paste it in the order page >

Only four other New York Pass discount codes also work, but provide a smaller or equal discount:

  1. SEPNYP10 provides a 10% discount
  2. ERICNYP10 and ERICNY10SUM provide a 10% discount
  3. 5NEWYORK provides a 5% discount

Any other code that is now listed on coupon websites, like couponfollow, dailymail, or newyork, such as 25pc, AMAZING, BF20, c2007, STAGE14, del, mail2037, SPRINGNY, FB20OFF, jul15v1, 8pc0108, and others, does not work anymore, while it might have worked in the past.

Copy promo code lovemnyp10 and paste it in the order page >

Click the link here above and the promo code will be copied in your clipboard, plus it will take you to the cart page of the New York Pass website, where you will paste it, and get the discount as shown below:

Screenshot of the New York Pass Chart
How to use the promo code at the New York Pass cart

With this promo code New York Pass you get the highest discount available on the price of the pass. You can save as much as 42% on New York tourist attractions by getting the New York pass in conjunction with using this top promo code.

These New York Pass codes function even if you don't want to sign-up for the New York Pass newsletter. However, with the newsletter you can get 5% New York Pass discounts.

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Is a VPN what you need to keep your credit card number and emails private while using free wi-fi abroad?

In our article about the security advantages of a VPN while travelling, we also give a -72% NordVPN coupon.

Complementary articles

This article and the New York Pass Review are also available in the following languages: New York Pass italiano in Italian, New York Pass [ES] in Spanish, New York Pass [FR] in French and New York Pass [DE] with New York Pass Tours [DE] in German.

*Tool disclaimer: we put maximum effort in showing correct prices, however they are shown only for information and must be double checked with each tourist attraction, in case you want to rely on them. This tool is made to help visitors to carry out a customised comparison. For simplicity of use and creatin, it does not consider online discounts availables and any mailing costs. Special offers, limitations and restrictions for specific attractions have not been considered. Prices are rounded to the dollar. Only the top 16 attractions (over more than 80) are included.

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