London Pass 2020 at Costco 40% OFF

Updated on Monday, January 13, 2020 by LM Tourism

London Pass at Costco 40% OFF

The 4-day London Pass 2019 at Costco USA 40% OFF (or Canada 40% OFF) is an e-voucher to get a 4-day London Pass at a discounted price of $130.

Even though this is a good deal, there is also a better one, which is to buy the London Pass on the official London Pass website using the London Pass promo code for a 55% discount off London attractions.

Let's see why..

With the promo code you can buy a 1-day, 2, 3, 6, or 10-day pass.

So, even though the 4-day London Pass is only available at Costco, you are better off with the promo code, by either getting a 3-day pass at a far lower price (£112.50, about $138) or, if you need more days, a 6-day pass which costs $177 (£131), still less than the Costco London Pass, but has 2 more days.

In addition, by buying the London Pass on the official website, you can download it directly on your smartphone with the London Pass App, which is then shown at the various tourist attractions included.

You can get the London Pass with the London Pass 55% Discount Promo Code, to be used at the checkout page of The London Pass website.

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