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London is home to a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. Explore iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, and the River Thames. Visit The Shard, Tower Bridge, and the historic Tower of London.

The London City Pass makes your visit even smoother. It provides access to many attractions, saving you time and money. This special offer makes it even more accessible.

Costco's 4-Day London Pass vs. 10% Promo Code

The 4-day London Pass at Costco USA (or at Costco Canada) was a temporary offer in the form of an e-voucher to get a 4-day London Pass at a discounted price.

You can check the actual Costco page where this offer was published.

Even though this was a good deal, at present there is a better one, which is to buy the London Pass on the official Go City London Pass website BUT using the London Pass promo code, for a 10% discount off the current price of the London Pass.

London City Pass Costco Reviews

Check this discussion on, where the usefulness of the London Pass at Costco is debated. The conclusion is that the London Pass is generrally preferred for people who want to organize their trip in advance and visit a number of attractions included.

London Pass promo code compared to Costco

Let's see how the London Pass promo code works compared to the 4-day london pass e-voucher that Costco was selling online:

Difference in durations: with the promo code, differently from the 4-day Costco e-voucher, which had a fixed duration, you can choose a 1-day, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10-day pass duration. So, as for choice of duration, buying the pass with a promo code is much more flexible than the Costco e-voucher.

Difference in price:

Difference in simplicity: another difference is that by buying the London Pass on the official website, you can download it directly on your smartphone with the London Pass App, which is then shown at the various tourist attractions included. With the Costco e-voucher instead, you had to go through two charts: the Costco one first, to get the e-voucher, and the London Pass website later, to claim the offer. So the promo code is also a more simple purchasing process, where you type the promo code directly in the chart page of the London Pass website.

Difference in customer support: with the Costco voucher, you had two companies running each one part of the sale process. So, in case you needed assistance with the e-voucher it would have been less straight forward to get potential issues sorted, compared to when the process is runned by just one company. With the London Pass and promo code you have only one party to contact if you need support, with most likely any issues getting sorted more quickly and easily.

London Pass Promo Code

Now the London Pass promo code R**(show code) offers you the top discount obtainable, that is 15% off.

Some more codes do also work, but offer a lower discount:

  1. EXTRALP with a 13% discount
  2. 5TRAVELLDN for a 5% discount
  3. ENJOY again for a 5% discount

Every further code that you can find online, such as JAN19, FB15, NOV18, EXTRA6, CITYWALKS20, GBOOK 15 and more do not function nowadays, even if have worked a while ago.

Copy to clipboard promo code lovemlp10 and paste it in cart page >

Click on the link above and the promo code will be copied to your clipboard, you will go to the cart page of the London Pass website, and will paste it and get the discount as shown here:

Screenshot of the London Pass Chart
Where to paste the promo code at the London Pass cart

This promo code grants a 15% discount on the London Pass, the largest achievable. You can spare nearly 55% on London tourist highlights with the London Pass plus this very promo code.

Top 12 attractions

The top 12 attractions that you can visit with the London Pass are:

  1. The Tower of London
  2. The Uber Boat by Thames Clippers 1-day River Roamer
  3. The 1-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
  4. The View from The Shard
  5. St Paul’s Cathedral
  6. Westminster Abbey
  7. Old Royal Naval College
  8. The London Bridge Experience
  9. Tower Bridge
  10. Kensington Palace
  11. Windsor Castle
  12. The Queen’s Gallery

Another Option: The London City Pass by Turbopass

While the London Pass offers a wide range of attractions and flexibility, there's another option available: the London City Pass by Turbopass. This pass includes entry to The View from The Shard Observation Deck, a one-way River Thames boat cruise, British movie locations tours, 24-hour hop-on hop-off bus tours, guided tours of London's music history, and a public transport ticket. Prices for adults start at €63 for one day and go up to €123 for seven days.

To purchase this pass, you'll need to provide your travel dates, specifically your departure date, to ensure you receive the London City Pass in time. This is because, unlike the main London City Pass, the travel card is sent via mail rather than email. Keep in mind that usage of the London City Pass is independent of the travel dates provided. However, it's worth noting that when we checked, it was possible to insert travel dates starting from the 1st of March 2024. To learn more about this alternative, visit the Turbopass website.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath Tour from London by Viator

Enhance your London Pass experience with the "Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath Tour from London by Viator". Visit the royal Windsor Castle, the mysterious Stonehenge, and the historic town of Bath, known for its Georgian architecture and Roman baths.

The tour includes a luxury coach with Wi-Fi, an expert guide, and admission tickets. Choose from packages that include entry fees for either 2 attractions or all 3. Note that Windsor Castle is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

What's Included: Luxury coach, Wi-Fi, Knowledgeable tour guide, Admission to selected attractions, Personal Audio Headset. What is not included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off, Tips, Lunch.

You can get the London Pass with the London Pass 55% Discount Promo Code, to be used at the checkout page of The London Pass website...

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