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Review, Coupon Code 72% and Download

by LM IT editorial staff | latest update on june 17, 2022

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In this article you will find a complete review of NordVPN, starting with the highest coupon code, prices, download and how to make the most of it.

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NordVPN Review

NordVPN Image

NordVPN is the VPN provider with most servers in the world, more than 6.300.

It provides a service within the most reliables and at highest speeds, perfect for video streams, with the possibility to choose between many servers within any of the nations.

You can get it with a subscription of monthly, yearly or two-year duration.

The main benefits of VPNs are the safety of our data while surfing the web compared to surfing outside of a VPN, especially when connecting to public wi-fi networks, the ability to simulate connection from another nation and to overcome a firewall.

NordVPN Price

The Cost of NordVPN depending on the selected duration, is of $ 3,65 per month by paying 2-years in advance, or $ 4,36 per month by paying 1-year in advance, or $ 10,59 per month if paying monthly.

NordVPN Download and how to install on PC and Mac

Image of NordVPN Download

Image of the download page of NordVPN for Windows

As shown here above, you can download NordVPN from NordVPN Website > Download App, where App in this case means the NordVPN application for Windows.

Once you have downloaded the NordVPNSetup.exe, you can execute it for istallation. At completion, in the optioins you can choose to start NordVPN automatically every time the PC boots.

NordVPN for FREE

  1. Sign up for a free account just with your e-mail and choosing a password;
  2. Use NordVPN for a maximum of 30 days;
  3. Ask via e-mail or live chat to stop the subscription if you still don't want to continue using it and ask for a refund within the 30 days.

In this way you can get NordVPN free for a trial up to 30 days, thanks to the 30-day warranty.

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